Our Story

Livi is a B2B brand of Cottonsoft Ltd, a New Zealand operated and managed company, with over 30 years experience marketing, manufacturing, and distributing high quality tissue products throughout the country.  

Introduced in 2010, Livi was developed by Cottonsoft Ltd specifically for commercial customers and their unique requirements.

Now well-known across the globe, Livi has become the go-to brand for thousands of commercial enterprises. From hospitals to resorts, restaurants to cafes, government institutions to corporate offices and schools, Livi is distributed in 37 countries across 5 continents and is recognised for a consistent standard of excellence across its entire range. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality hygiene and cleaning solutions to businesses across New Zealand. We strive to promote a healthier and safer environment by offering products that are both sustainable and effective. Livi is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and processes, while also ensuring that their products meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Their goal is to create a better future for everyone, by helping businesses and individuals to adopt more sustainable and responsible practices.

We've come a long way since we started in 1986. Take a look through some of our business milestones and history.


Cottonsoft Established in Dunedin

Cottonsoft established in Dunedin


Cottonsoft Expands To North Island

Cottonsoft expanded to the North Island increasing their range with facial tissues, napkins and 'Away from Home'.


Tuffy Kitchen Towel was Launched

Tuffy Kitchen Towel brand was launched to market.


Kiwisoft was launched to market

Kiwisoft was launched to market


Cottonsofts was born

Cottonsofts Limited and the CottonSofts brand were born.


Auckland Factory Opens

Auckland factory opens. APP became preferred supplier to Cottonsoft.


Cottonsoft Limited became #1 in New Zealand

Cottonsoft Limited became #1 in New Zealand for Toilet Tissue. Livi Launched.


Paseo Launched

The Paseo luxury brand was launched to market.


Sustained Growth 'Away from Home'

Sustained Growth with 'Away from Home' and private label partnerships.


NPD & Launch to Adjacent Categories

NPD & growth of adjacent categories including flushable wipes and EarthSmart recycled range. Livi.co.nz was also launched.


Paseo became the #1 New Zealand Toilet Tissue

Paseo became the #1 New Zealand Toilet Tissue brand.


Plastic Free Packaging Launch

Plastic Free, paper packaging and New Zealand-made EarthSmart 360 Recyclable paper packaging launch. NZ made EarthSmart Aquawipes, baby wipes made from bamboo and containing 99.8% water launched


Livi Global rebrand plus CUTE & CO. Nappies Launch

Livi Global rebrand plus CUTE & CO. Nappies Launch


2nd Auckland Factory Opens

Our 2nd Auckland factory opened. CUTE & CO. plant-based, plastic free baby wipes launched. We kept New Zealand in toilet paper with break bulk ship.


EarthSmart Facial Tissues Launched

EarthSmart Facial Tissues launched with 100% recyclable packaging.


Livi Website Overhaul

Livi Website Overhaul.

Social Responsibility

In addition to its commitment to the sustainability of its product range, Cottonsoft is proud to support a range of community, sustainability, and environmental initiatives both locally and globally. These range from rainforest rehabilitation to soft plastics recycling as well as being a sponsor of Bowel Cancer NZ since 2013.


The Livi brand is PEFC certified, plus CottonSofts and Tuffy brands also have ECNZ certification. APP has enforced a zero deforestation policy since 2013 plus a zero fire policy protecting forestry assets since 1996.

In addition to ensuring our products are sourced sustainably, certification also extends to safe, ethical and socially responsible work practices, both locally and via our global supply chains.


A significant number of our retail tissue products are licensed to proudly display the Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) ecolabel, giving our customers complete peace of mind and reassurance that we operate sustainably and responsibly.

Our production plants aim to run as efficiently as possible to reduce the energy used per metric tonne.

Soft Plastic Recycling

Cottonsoft Ltd is a founding member of the soft plastics recycling programme.

Soft plastic packaging is not collected for recycling by councils because it can contaminate the recycling process.

New Zealanders use over 1.6 billion plastic bags in the home every year. Put your soft plastics recycling in the Love NZ Soft Plastics bins. You can find your locations here.

Sustainability Summary

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