& Foodservice

By choosing Livi, your customers will love our pampering range for the quality feel they add to washrooms, guestrooms and eating areas. Livi products (Everyday, Essentials & Impressa) add a subtle hint of class to complement the experience you deliver for your clientele. Demonstrating your attention to detail, the Livi range is PEFC certified (the world’s largest forest certification system) – an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management.

Livi products add distinct value and our affordable range also helps your budget back-of-house.

The Livi quality range of toilet and tissue products, hand towels and dispensers will help keep your establishment clean and clutter-free, so you and your staff can focus on delivering the best service for your customers.


Livi products are ideal for all office environments, bringing hygiene and convenience where you need it most.

Good health is good for business. Staff sickness can cost individual organisations dearly in terms of both time and money. Staff should have access to good hygiene facilities – tissues for when they cough or sneeze and easy-to-use hand towel dispensers in washrooms. Our range of quality multiple ply toilet paper, hand towels and cubed facial tissues are available with bespoke dispensers to keep washrooms, kitchens and desks hygienic and mess-free.

LIVI® products give your employees and visitors the right impression, being both economical and certified PEFC. LIVI® is well-known in world class establishments across the globe for quality products at affordable prices. Our range carries a variety of absorbency, thickness and strength profiles so you can be sure you’re purchasing exactly what you need.


Minor spills, debris, oils, swarf and grease can pose a safety hazard in industrial manufacturing settings, so it’s vital you provide your staff with the right tools for the job!

LIVI® hand roll paper towels and commercial wipes are absorbent, thick and strong, for use in any fast-paced production environment. Our paper-on-demand dispensers are designed so your staff won’t lose time unrolling paper towels or waste money using more than is needed.

Livi commercial towel products have been designed for convenience and hygiene – perfectly suited in manufacturing environments. Back of house washrooms and kitchens will also benefit from the Livi range of toilet paper and interleave hand towels, again with dispensers designed to encourage economical use and reduce washroom waste.


Classrooms and school washrooms can be untidy places, especially towards the end of the day. Livi products are ideal for managing the ongoing hygiene challenges in day care facilities, schools, universities and other educational establishments. Our tiered range (Everyday, Essentials & Impressa) of washroom products includes toilet paper (small & jumbo rolls) as well as interleave handtowels (such as the compact towel for little hands with complementing compact dispenser) that are soft and economical to use. The Livi range is PEFC certified providing another opportunity to educate users of the benefits of choosing sustainably sourced products. Livi has a reputation for providing quality at affordable prices, so hard-stretched education budgets won’t feel the pinch.

From washrooms and classrooms to cafeterias and janitorial, Livi is the brand you can rely on.

Facility Management

Managing large institutions or enterprises is a lot simpler with the right washroom solutions in place. That’s why property managers rely on Livi products to deliver on both quality and value, time and time again.

The Livi range is designed to work across all facilities, from offices and washrooms to cafeterias and property engineering zones. Livi dispensers are designed to promote sensible usage, meaning less waste and washroom floor mess. Staff can quickly clean up spills, grease and debris with absorbent towels, optimising safety and hygiene.

Like all Livi products, our washroom range is practical and affordable, enabling staff hygiene at sensible prices.