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At Livi, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it’s fundamental to the values and operations of our parent company Cottonsoft. That’s why you can rest assured that if you choose Livi, you’re doing the best by your staff, customers - and the planet.

In fact, you can have complete confidence in the products you buy from us, the origin of the materials used and the method of manufacture.

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) is our preferred supplier for both pulp supply and technology guidance, APP is the largest vertically integrated pulp and paper company in the world. A number of Livi and Cottonosft products are PEFC and ECNZ certified and we are continually assessing and improving our process from cradle to grave, to ensure we are using the best practice sustainabiity measures.

Furthermore, the Livi converting facility uses world-leading production technology, ensuring a modern, environmentally efficient site. Our plant has minimal waste streams while wastepaper, board, and plastic are all recycled.

Sustainability Summary

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The paper process

Soft and strong tissue requires a mix of long and short tree fibres. These fibres come from hardwood (long fibre) and softwood (short fibre) trees. In the temperate Indonesian climate trees have a 5-to-6-year planting and harvesting cycle, whereas NZ trees take up to 25 years. Our products use rapidly renewable fibres from trees such as Eucalyptus and Acacia, from responsibly managed plantations. These fast-growing trees allow us to use less land to meet our customers growing demands for 100% pure pulp tissue.

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Livi uses paper certified through the world’s largest forest certification system, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC);

A PEFC certification means you can be sure that our paper is sustainably sourced, with fibre from responsibly managed forests and ecosystems. PEFC certification also extends beyond the environment and ensures that the products are made to the highest social standards including employee rights, education, and cultural values both locally and via our global supply channels.

As the only entirely not-for-profit global forest certification system available, PEFC is unique.


Environmental Choice is New Zealand’s (ECNZ) official environmental label, initiated and endorsed by the New Zealand Government, although independently operated, and recognises the increasing effort of manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact of their products.

A significant number of our retail tissue products are licenced to proudly display the Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) ecolabel, giving our customers complete peace of mind and reassurance that we operate sustainably and responsibly.

Soft Plastic Recycling

Cottonsoft Ltd is a founding member of the soft plastics recycling programme. Soft plastic packaging is not collected for recycling by councils because it can contaminate the recycling process. New Zealanders use over 1.6 billion plastic bags in the home every year. Put your soft plastics recycling in the Love NZ Soft Plastics bins. You can find your locations here.

Rapidly Renewable Fibre

7 years cycle – harvest after 6 years and replant within 1 year.

Cottonsoft uses RRF in many products including Paseo and CottonSofts. We use Rapidly Renewable Fibre from fast-growing eucalyptus and acacia trees that reach full height and maturity in only 6 years. This enables shorter harvest cycles yielding more paper from more trees on less land and in less time.

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